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Please note that the figure above relates to the number of shootings. The number of fatalities might differ from the number of deadly shootings in case of events where several people are being killed at the same shooting event.

96 TODAY Eskilstuna

Person med skottskador i akut ambulansfärd till sjukhus.

25 TODAY Göteborg

Person med mörk klädsel i polisjakt.

22 TODAY Kalmar

Okänd kvinna med beskjuten bil enligt vittnesuppgifter.

54 TODAY Stockholm

Två män med beskjuten bil i polisjakt.

62 Apr 18 Sundsvall

Gate shelled in central Sundsvall.

61 Apr 16 Norrköping

Shots fired at front door in Ektorp.

55 Apr 6 Mölndal

Several shots fired at townhouses in Lindome.

52 Apr 2 Norrköping

Suspected shooting at the window of an apartment in Hageby.

50 Apr 1 Malmö

Suspected bullet holes discovered in a window of an apartment building.

49 Mar 29 Norrköping

Shots fired at the gate of an apartment building in Hageby.

48 Mar 28 Göteborg

Several shots were fired through the window of the apartment.

47 Mar 27 Göteborg

Bullet holes in windows and cartridge cases found at Stureplatsen.

45 Mar 26 Norrköping

Shooting at apartment buildings in Hageby.

43 Mar 25 Göteborg

Apartment shelled in Västra Frölunda during the night to Monday.

42 Mar 24 Malmö

Suspected shooting at Lindängen in Malmö.

41 Mar 24 Göteborg

Probable shooting at apartment building on Slottsskogsgatan in Gothenburg.

40 Mar 23 Göteborg

Suspected shooting in Ängås farm, Västra Frölunda.

38 Mar 21 Norrköping

A shooting took place in central Norrköping around the Berget area.

34 Mar 12 Mölndal

Shots fired at property in Dotegården in Lindome centre.

29 Mar 4 Täby

Shooting through a window in a residence in Gribbylund, Täby.

28 Mar 2 Eskilstuna

Pizzeria in Åby shelled during Saturday evening.

24 Feb 20 Mölndal

House in Balltorp shelled with several shots.

22 Feb 15 Malmö

Shots fired at an apartment on Gånglåtsvägen in Malmö.

20 Feb 9 Göteborg

Alarm of gunfire in a stairwell on Hinderbanan, Kviberg.

19 Feb 8 Hedemora

Shooting at an apartment in Långshyttan.

16 Feb 1 Norrköping

Bullet holes found on a building in Norrköping, area Berget.

14 Jan 26 Botkyrka

Shooting reported in residential area in Tumba.

13 Jan 24 Sigtuna

Man shot in suspected shooting in Märsta on Wednesday evening.

11 Jan 23 Västerås

Shooting at an apartment door in central Västerås.

8 Jan 14 Uppsala

Shooting at a residence in Gottsunda, Uppsala.

7 Jan 13 Mjölby

Bullet holes in window and wall after reports of loud explosions.

2 Jan 1 Burlöv

Shooting on multi-family house on Rapsvägen in Burlöv.

1 Jan 1 Malmö

Shooting at the gate at Augustenborg in Malmö.

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